Why Buy Canon Rebel T3i As Your First Digital SLR?

Buy Canon Rebel T3i

You get a vari-angle LCD screen when you buy Canon Rebel T3i cameras

New digital SLR buyers are really getting their money’s worth with the newest Rebel from Canon. In fact, in one buyer’s statement about the reason she decided to buy Canon Rebel T3i, she mentioned her history with 3 former Canon digital cameras and how easy the transition was for her.

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The step from point and shoot (especially PowerShot users) has just gotten so much easier. Some of the features that digital point and shoot users have come to love are now incorporated into the new Rebel.

For instance, there is now the Creative Filters option. With this feature, the photographer can make some very edgy changes right in the camera. No computer upload and post processing necessary at all. Think about how this would spice up a friendly gathering. You would be the life of the party very quickly as you added edits such as “black and white grainy” or “miniature” to a photo of your friends. Other adjustments you can add are “soft focus“, “toy camera“, and everyone’s favorite, “fish eye.” There is even a way to apply more or less of each filter.

Another thing that point and shoot owners will be familiar with is the Creative Auto setting. This is a mode on the top camera dial that lets the camera control the total image. It is a great feature to use while you are learning how to take more control of your digital SLR camera. If you are not sure which settings would be best for a certain shot, simply set the mode dial to the “Green Square” and take the shot. It’s a sure-fire way to get a great image.

Staying with the creative theme, there is yet another one that is new to this Canon Rebel T3i. It is Basic+. In Basic+ there are two ways to go. You can choose the Ambiance setting or the Lighting/Scene Type setting. Basic+ is an in-camera program that makes adjustments to the picture style using the basic settings like color, contrast, sharpness, and white balance to give a more creative look to your photos.

Other Reasons to Buy Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR Cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T3i image samples-8

Flickr image courtesy of GearGuides (click the image to see the Photostream)

The biggest reason to buy this little entry-level camera has many former buyers literally seething. Those who purchased the T2i or the 60D are mad because Canon has included so many of the features from the 60D and the 7D. Really! They are kind of jealous that these benefits are available in an entry level camera.

Most notably, the 18-megapixel CMOS sensor is the same as the one in the more advanced 60D and 7D. The DIGIC 4 sensor is also the same as the one in the 60D. This guarantees that your image quality will be the same as in the higher level, more expensive cameras. It’s true that you will not get all of the benefits of those higher-end cameras, but image quality is what you are after, and you definitely get it.

Video is another great advantage when you buy a Rebel T3i. Capture sizes and frame rates are the same as in the T2i, 60D, and 7D. But manual focus is now possible, PLUS there is a new “video snapshot” feature that allows you to record short clips that will be stitched together in the camera. Very Cool!

Three more things that must be mentioned as new features of the Canon T3i.

1. Remote flash – the on camera flash can fire several off camera flashes remotely. This is a very professional feature not available previously on any Rebel digital SLR.

Rebel T3i Feature Guide

Rebel T3i Feature Guide

2. Articulating LCD screen – almost every reviewer will mention this as the biggest advantage of the T3i over the T2i. It is a major improvement allowing for taking pictures from weird angles and perspectives.

3. Feature Guide – new users will really appreciate this. There is a short description of the selected feature in the LCD panel. While a manual is always helpful, this new feature guide will save a lot of anxiety over what the camera will do if a particular button is selected. Why did is take so long to implement this?

One testimonial from the Amazon customer reviews – this one is CookieCoCoChanel “KMH”:

My first SLR..What a good choice for me. It came naturally since I’ve been using Canon’s point and shoot camera’s for 35 years. I haven’t put it down since I brought if home. Yes, I’m new, and YUP, its fast, accurate and the LCD w/o a doubt is clear, and super fun. My husband was drying our pretty Papillon, I was laying on the bed, taking pics upside down, why, cuz I could! I love how you can take pics at just about every which way your laying, standing, whatever way, its great! Since the SLR is new to me, I have some learning, but so far, it’s GREAT. Images are super sharp, clear and despite I don’t have a zoom lens, its pretty sweet. We had a nice sunset tonight, and images VERY crisp, and beautiful, along w/ the color.
If this is your first SLR, Go for it!!!

That’s good – “If this is your first SLR, Go for it!!!

New to the digital SLR market? All the more reason to buy Canon Rebel T3i cameras.

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