Canon 270 EXII and Canon 370 EX

There are two new automatic flashes from Canon directed toward new users of the new Canon Rebel T3i and the Canon Rebel T3. These two new flashes are the 270 EX II and the 320 EX. Beginning with the 270 EXII, it is an upgrade of the formerĀ  270 EX, and it is designed to work remotely as either a slave or to trigger the camera remotely.

Both flashes carry the trusted “Canon Speedlite” name.

Both of these features make this flash quite unique for those who are just starting out with digital SLR photography. When you use a flash as a slave unit, you can have the flash somewhere away from the camera and it can highlight parts of your photograph that were not possible with the flash attached to the camera. In addition, you can set up your Canon 270/unit to remotely fire the camera and also place the flash in a position to enhance your photo.

There are three other things that make the to 270 EXII attractive to new buyers. The first one is that the cost of this little flash is the least of any Canon flash on the market. The market price at this moment is only about $150. The second thing that makes it attractive to new buyers is the size of the flash unit. It can easily fit in a pocket or small carrying case, it runs on two AA batteries, so it is easy to replace the power supply. And finally, the 270 ESII is attractive to new digital SLR owners simply because it is so easy to use. When someone is trying to and to learn a new camera, it makes sense that the accessories don’t overwhelm the new photographer.

Above the 270 EXII in the Canon heirerarchy is the Canon 320 EX. As the name might suggest this flash is a little bit more powerful. But it also has a feature that has never been offered on a flash that was meant for a Canon digital SLR. The 320 EX includes an LED light for use with video. You can use the Canon 320 EX in the same way as the to 270 EXII, in that you can set it up remotely as a slave, or it can be the remote trigger for your Canon Rebel T3i camera. This flash has some extra buttons and features on the backside to give you a little bit more control, and it runs on four AA batteries.

Both of these flash units have been highly regarded because of their ability to remotely control the Canon rebel.