You can depend on your Canon Rebel T3i for great low light photography.

Twilight (and dawn) have different light qualities than any other time of day. The conditions only last a few minutes, but it is well worth the effort to take some low light photography images during this time.

Before SunriseOne of the biggest concerns about the previous camera models is their image quality when the lighting is not the best. Camera technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and now, you can take better pictures than ever before. This is true of many newer models, and, the Canon Rebel T3i is no slouch when it comes to image quality.

The nemesis of photographers has always been camera noise, and it is especially true of digital cameras compared to film cameras. Noise is the visual grainy effect you see in some photos. For instance, newspaper photos have always been subject to high amounts of noise simply because of the way the pictures are processed and printed using poor quality paper. As a photographer, you do not want your pictures looking like newspaper quality unless that is your goal.

Current models, including the T3i have improved this issue tremendously.

So, get out and shoot even when the sun goes down. Incidentally, you can get some great creative shots in the twilight hours.

As you prepare to get out with your Rebel T3i, consider the following guidelines and recommendations.

1. Try to use the lowest ISO setting possible. Even though the noise levels are greatly improved, you will still get the best results at the lowest settings. Not only will your noise level improve at low ISO settings, but the color saturation will also be much better because of the longer shutter speeds.

What is a low ISO? Generally, you will want to stay at ISO 1600 or less, and if you have a way to stabilize your camera, keep it at less than ISO 400.

2. Bring a tripod. It’s almost a must. Even the steadiest of hands cannot hold the camera still enough when the light is very low. A tripod is the best possible way to keep the camera from moving and shaking.

3. Take your pictures “hands-free.” If you have a cable release, use it. If not, using the timer with a 2-second delay on your T3i is an excellent way to get a good image. The less your hands have to do with taking the picture, the less camera shake there will be.

4. Focus manually instead of using the Auto-focus. Manual focus may be your only option anyway, depending on how much light is available. The camera may not have enough light to pick up contrasts in order to focus. This might be just the time to use Live View with its 5-10x zoom (for focus).

5. Check the histogram after each shot. You can turn on the histogram by pressing the Info button above the LCD screen (next to the Menu button). The histogram shows whether you are getting balanced light throughout your image. If your histogram is too far left or right, just adjust your exposure to correct it.

Using a digital SLR like the Canon Rebel T3i certainly can make photography (even low light photography) lots of fun!


Take Better Photos With Your Canon Rebel T3i – Photography Tips

Taking good shots is not usually something that happens by accident. There are actually schools that train folks to become photographers… certified, accredited schools where you can invest LOTS of money to become a photographer.

But you can start right now – “learn how to use a Canon Rebel T3i” and get better immediately by just taking a few suggestions to heart.

If you still need to learn about your T3i and how it functions, I suggest going to and “cashing in” on their 7 day free trial. You can probably learn what you need without having to spend anything at all. However, let me warn you, I started a free trial at Lynda several years ago, and I am still a paying member. The amount of material there is so worth the fee each month.

Watch this sample video by Ben Long:

Get 7 days of free unlimited access to

Now, here are 7 quick tips that will get you off and running.

1. Get your camera off auto.

Canon Rebel T3i mode dial

Move your Canon Rebel T3i OFF auto

I’m not sure if there is an actual statistic on this, but a majority of casual photographers NEVER move their mode dial off Auto. This is a crime. Zig Ziglar was famous for this statement: “If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting.” In other words, if you don’t get that Canon T3i off of Auto, you will not improve your shots.

At the very least, experiment with the Basic modes dial. Find out what happens when you put the dial on Landscape or Macro or Portrait.

And after you have that figured out, try out the Creative Modes, starting with Aperture priority. They don’t call them “creative” for nothing. You can really make some amazing discoveries when you start to take control of your camera settings. Read more…

Canon Rebel T3i Photography Tips – How To Photograph Difficult Flowers

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I recently decided to photograph some Linton roses in my yard. These are not the kind of flowers that get a lot of press, but they are beautiful, none the less. The reason more people don’t notice them is that the flowers grow in way that does not show off their beautiful interior color and detail. Instead, you have to actually lift the flower to see it. Read more…

Cheap Product Photography Tent

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Photography Tips for a tight budget

Taking pictures of water drops with little reflections in them just got a lot easier. You can use this photography tip along with your Canon Rebel T3i set to “Live View” to get the perfect water drop photo.

photography tips with Canon Rebel t3i

The trick is the 5x to 10x zoom feature while focusing in Live View. Here’s how to do it: Read more…

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