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The Banana Float – Trick Photography

I learned little trick photography from a guy named Evan. He actually has his own e-book called Trick Photography and Special Effects (there is a clickable link to the book on the left).

Anyway, all I did was to set up my Canon Rebel T3i on a tripod and snap a photo of the banana on a skewer. Then I took a second picture of the background without moving the camera. About 10 minutes in photoshop and the final picture was finished.
trick photography - floating banana

A couple of things I was able to figure out here about this particular trick photography:

  • First, use your timer if you don’t have a remote shutter button. Another option is to have someone hold the banana for you, but I still would use the timer because that way you won’t be shaking the camera when you press the shutter button. You could use the 2 second timer if you have a helper. For me, using the 10 second timer worked, but I had to hurry to get the banana in place. It took me 3 shots to get the one I used here.
  • Second, notice in the video that I had to use a skewer and a toothpick. The banana wanted to slide a bit, and the toothpick held it in the spot I wanted. Just so you know, this was a two-banana job. The first was a bust because I didn’t realize just how slippery it was going to be. The second banana was still slippery, but I learned a lot from the first try.