Canon Rebel T3i – Battery Use and Maintenance

Canon Rebel T3i Battery model LP-E8

Canon Model LP-E8

The Canon Rebel T3i and T3 both use a Canon LP-E8 battery pack. It is good for about 440 pictures of normal use or 200 pictures when using Live View before it needs to be recharged. Keeping a spare battery on hand is an excellent idea so you are not stuck in the middle of a shooting opportunity without battery power.

Recharging A Rebel T3i Battery

There are two types of battery charges that may ship with your Canon Rebel T3i, model LC-E8 and model LC-E8E. The only difference is that one has a flip-out electrical plug and the other has a regular cord attached to the recharging unit.
When the battery needs to be recharged, simply insert it into your recharging unit and plug it into the electrical outlet. If you happen to be in Europe, make sure you have the proper adapter and your unit will work perfectly.
Recharging takes about 2 hours.

Checking the Canon Rebel T3i Battery Level

The image below shows where to find the “battery level indicator” on the LCD screen. The legend shows the four battery level indicator icons.
battery indicator chart

Tips For Battery Use

  1. Always make sure you have a fully charged battery and a back-up when you are planning a photo shoot. It is best to plan ahead and charge your batteries the night before.
  2. When not using the camera for a period of time, you can remove the battery from the camera to prolong the charge. Even when the camera is not being used, there may be a small amount of power current being released. Store the battery in its protective cover.
  3. After disconnecting the charger from the power source, do not touch the plug for several seconds. It may be hot.
  4. Use second party batteries and chargers at your own risk. Canon products are dedicated to a single use. Other products could possibly cause malfunctions in your equipment.
Canon Rebel T3i  Battery Grip BG-E8

Battery Grip BG-E8 for Canon Rebel T3i

Canon BG-E8 Battery Grip

A Canon BG-E8 battery grip can be very handy for the Rebel T3i in several ways.

  • First, there is the size issue. Many photographers like the feel of a larger camera. The battery grip adds a professional feel and look to your Rebel.
  • Second, the battery grip extends the effective time of use without having to change batteries. Since there are two batteries in the grip, it doubles the number of photos or video you can take.
  • Third, the grip has controls that make taking portrait oriented shots much easier.
  • As a final note, you can use AA batteries in the BG-E8 grip if you are in a pinch and run out of real “Canon battery juice.” At least one comment referred to having his video shoot saved with this benefit.