Canon Rebel T3i Photography Tips – How To Photograph Difficult Flowers

The Canon Rebel T3i is an amazing tool for many different types of photography. Personally, I love close-ups. And, fortunately for me, that is the strong suit for the T3i because of the Live View and digital zoom features.

I recently decided to photograph some Linton roses in my yard. These are not the kind of flowers that get a lot of press, but they are beautiful, none the less. The reason more people don’t notice them is that the flowers grow in way that does not show off their beautiful interior color and detail. Instead, you have to actually lift the flower to see it.

If you want to take pictures of the inside, you have to either pick a flower or find another way to get the picture. I forgot to mention that they also grow close to the ground, which makes it even more of a challenge. Add some harsh afternoon light as the sun dips into the western sky, and you have the makings of a real photography dilemma.

The Canon Rebel T3i Rises To The Occasion

To counteract the effect of the extreme shadows from the sun, I chose to use an inexpensive Translucent White Photography Umbrella (but you can also use a cheap Disc-type Light Reflector set). I simply put a stick into the ground and clamped my umbrella to the stick to diffuse the light and get rid of the nasty shadows.

Next, I had to prop up the flower so I could get my Rebel low enough to “see” the inside. I used a stick I found on the ground and a cheap “chip clip” I got at the dollar store (3 for a buck).

The rest was easy. I turned on Live View so I did not have to get down on my belly to look through the view finder, pointed the LCD screen up so I could see it, and used the digital 5x zoom so that I could make sure the camera was in focus for the minute details of the flower. (I had the lens set to manual focus.)

Here is the resulting photo.

Linton Rose - taken with Canon Rebel T3i

This was taken with my Canon Rebel T3i and a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Here are a couple of tools that will help you with this kind of photo (but if you have a Canon Rebel T3i, you can find stuff around your house to do the job):

Of course, if you make a purchase using the links above, I will get a few cents and a bunch of encouragement so that I can make more videos.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one that may help…