Canon Rebel for Beginners

When I got my first digital SLR, it was actually the first Canon Rebel camera for beginners. It was the 300D, the year was 2003.

There was something really interesting I noticed fairly early in my DSLR experience. Here it is — when you have a digital SLR camera with that big ol’ lens, people naturally think you are a better photographer than someone who has a point and shoot.

So I have come up with a neat concept about the T3i (or T3) as a Canon Rebel Camera for Beginners.

Are you ready for this?

The Canon Rebel Camera will make you look like a photographer as you learn to be one.

So, the Canon Rebel has always been a good camera to learn with, but now even more so. The camera software is highly developed and is, in fact, awesome!

But in addition to that, there is the Feature Guide. This is something that is brilliant. When you change one of the settings, the Feature Guide will tell you what the camera will do on that setting. This makes it so much easier than in the old days (last year LOL) when you had to memorize the settings, or carry the manual around with you, or just plain experiment.

Of course, there are some things that the Feature Guide does not tell you. For example, it is possible to set your lens on Manual focus and not know it. You may be wondering why your pictures are all blurry.

This actually happened to a friend. So she calls, frantic, thinking she has broken the camera. It turns out that when she was at a party, she had loaned the Rebel T3i to someone she claimed was a professional. Perhaps he was a pro, because he was using manual focus. The bottom line is, that problem did not show up anywhere in the Feature Guide. I may just send Canon a little email about that.

One of the things you will want to do when you turn on your camera is check how your camera is set up. If you change the ISO or set the camera on the 10 second timer and forget you did that, you will be surprised at the results. Those things do not show up in the Feature Guide either UNLESS you change the setting. This is an important point. Even someone like me, who has been shooting with a Rebel for 8 years, can make silly mistakes like this.

Make a mental note to check your settings before you start shooting.

To recap, there are two things that make this Canon Rebel camera for beginners an excellent choice.

  1. You look like a photographer with this camera in your hands.
  2. The Feature Guide helps you to know what each setting does without memorizing or reading the camera manual.

Get your very own Canon Rebel Camera (click on the link)

Whether you want a Canon Rebel T3i or T3, you are looking in the right place. Both these digital SLR cameras for beginners are on the Top 5 Digital SLR for Beginners List.