Canon EOS Rebel for beginnersA Personal Testimony Of Canon EOS Rebel Camera Ownership

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Canon first introduced the Canon EOS Rebel SLR digital camera more than 10 years ago. It was a ground breaking event, simply because the price was UNDER $1000!

At that time, I was using a Minolta Dimage 7. This was not a SLR camera, but I had the photography bug by then. So, I immediately began a to think of ways to get the blessing of my better half. Upon reflection, perhaps it was part of my “mid-life” crisis. I needed a new challenge to keep me interested, and the Canon people were there for me.

The whole idea for the Canon EOS Rebel digital camera lineup was to provide an affordable SLR digital camera for beginners (like me). Folks who did not take pictures as a profession. But for those of us who wanted to take a step up in our photography experience.

Little did Canon know at the time just how successful their Rebel line of digital cameras would be.

Step Back In Time ~ My Journey Toward A Canon EOS Rebel SLR

Yours truly is a personal testimony to the power of the Canon EOS Rebel as a tool to help take better pictures than you may have even thought possible.

Real quick, here is my history – my journey with Canon SLR cameras.

I was not always a SLR camera user. Oh no, far from it. Back before digital cameras were available for the general public, I purchased a series of film cameras to take pictures of the kids. I say “series” because none of them was reliable.

In fact, they were all money suckers in two ways.

First, they had proprietary batteries that had to be specifically for that camera, and they were not cheap. I hated having to spend more money for the battery than I paid to have the film developed.

Second, I was not a good photographer, and I hated spending money on the crumby pictures I took.

The result was usually a fight between me and my wife. She wanted me to take the pictures, while I wanted to leave the camera in the drawer because I didn’t want to part with money for batteries and lousy photos.

It never went my way. $$$ went flying with only one or two keepers (if I was lucky) in every batch of photos that came back from the lab.

When some of my friends bought the first affordable Sony digital cameras, I took an interest, but it was only a brief interest. Again, the cost was too much to justify knowing my abilities as a photographer. Those 2-megapixel Sony digital cameras cost several hundred bucks. Too much for my cheap wallet.

But as time went on, prices came down and examples of friends’ pictures perked my interest once more. I ended up getting a 3-megapixel Olympus point and shoot camera.

The love affair was almost instantaneous!

Two reasons: rechargeable battery and instant viewing (and deleting) of pictures.

I could justify the price of the camera with the fact that I had no photo lab costs or proprietary batteries to replace.

I could take as many bad pictures as I wanted. And, trust me, I did take lots. I still do, simply because I can.

I started taking some online photography classes at I was interested in the mechanics of photography.. What makes a good picture? How does light change at different times of the day? How does aperture size affect the picture? What the heck is aperture anyway?

As I learned more about photography, I wanted better equipment, feeling that would help me take better pictures.

That’s when something amazing happened, and I was there right at the beginning. It was the release of that very first Canon EOS Rebel 300D!

What About You?

Today, there is a revolution happening in the picture taking world. People are choosing the Canon EOS Rebel more and more. And even though there are brand new models like the Canon Rebel T3i and T3, people are still buying the older models, notably the Rebel T2i, but some are even still picking up the Rebel XS.. AND LOVING IT!

Not everyone has to have the newest and latest model. They have found that the older models still are excellent, especially if it is their first Canon EOS Rebel digital camera. Moving up from a point and shoot camera to a SLR is such an exhilarating photography experience!

This brings up a question that many people are asking. “Do I need the newest Canon EOS Rebel?” Of course not. Pick one and go with it. You will not be disappointed.

The whole story is at “Canon EOS Digital Rebel Camera For Beginners.” Go there and choose your next camera.