Buy Canon Rebel T3 or T3i At Amazon?

Buy Canon Rebel T3 or T3i At Amazon

Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP with 18-55mm IS II Lens

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens

Canon Rebel T3 or T3i - T3i chosen for this family photo

Whether you choose a Canon Rebel T3 or T3i, you, too, can take family photos like this one.

When you are ready to buy your new Canon Rebel T3 or T3i, my personal recommendation is to get it online. There are a couple of reasons I recommend online shopping for things like cameras and other electronics.

First, you can order the exact camera you want, whether you want a Canon Rebel T3 or T3i (or even a Nikon D5100 – would you dare?). If you go to your local Best Buy or Walmart, yes, you will find lots of cameras, but you may not find the one you have decided on after all your research. Or, if you find it, you may have to settle for a “bundled deal” where you get stuff you really did not intend to buy.

Second, you save money by buying online in most cases. Even if the price is the same, you can save $30 or more on a $500 dollar Canon Rebel T3 just because you don’t have to pay the sales tax.

Third, you will usually get an excellent return policy with your purchase. And this is the reason I use Amazon almost exclusively. They take back ANYTHING without any hassle for a period of 30 days, and there is no return fee. This is really nice if you are not absolutely positive that the Canon Rebel T3 or T3i (or that Nikon D5100) is right for you. This means you can try out your new camera for a few weeks before making the final decision. This is really a sweet way to shop.

Fourth, with many of the things from Amazon, you get free shipping. This is true with quite a few of the online stores when you buy high ticket items like digital cameras. However, with Amazon, you can take this free shipping advantage to a whole new level. Purchase an Amazon Prime membership for $79 a year, and everything you buy will be free shipping, as long as it is in the “Prime” program (and most products have at least one choice that is a “Prime” choice).

Warning!! Not all Amazon deals are created equal. There are plenty of horror stories from Amazon customers about their shopping experience, so you really have to familiarize yourself with the process and the products. Amazon allows many vendors to sell on their site, and some of them are not as ethical as we all would hope. And, by the way, this is why I recommend Amazon Prime for your online purchases. Remember, with “Prime” you get free shipping and returns, so when you are not satisfied, just send the product back.

You will notice that there is a button to go to “other sellers” when you click either the Canon Rebel T3 or T3i link. Most of these sellers are fantastic, however, there may be an unscrupulous one or two sprinkled into that group. Another thing to be watchful for in this “others” group is the shipping charges, and, of course, they will probably not be “Prime” shippers, which means that if you are a Prime customer, the shipping charges are not deferred.

Buying on Amazon can always be a great deal, but if you happen to skip through the process without checking all the details of your purchase, you could be surprised at the results. Take your time and you will avoid disappointing sales experiences.

Make sure you check the product reviews before you “Add to Cart”. Disgruntled customers will usually post reviews when they think they got a bad deal. These can be a big help letting you know when to avoid a product. However, if there are an overwhelming number of folks who love the product, and it came with great customer service, one unhappy customer does should not necessarily be a deal killer… just proceed with caution.