Wayne Rasku, amateur photographer

Yep, this is me.

Hi. My name is Wayne Rasku. I created Canon Rebel T3i/600D because I love Canon digital SLR cameras, and I am really excited about this new Rebel. In this photographer’s eyes, it is a perfect place to start your Digital SLR journey. It’s a great way to get started that will not intimidate the new user because the camera is capable of making most of the decisions for you while you learn about the more advanced settings.

From a personal standpoint, I own and currently use a Canon Rebel T3i digital SLR as my main camera. My first camera was also Digital Rebel, the first one Canon produced, and I had a fantastic experience as I learned about photography with that camera. The more recent T2i has been one of the more popular Rebels to hit the camera market, and the T3i has added a few things that make it even more attractive to first time digital SLR buyers.

But let me reiterate.. I am not a first-time digital slr buyer. Some might think that I downgraded when they learn that I bought the T3i after owning a Canon 30D. After all, that is a step up from the Rebel series. However, when I got my hands on the Rebel T3i and started shooting, I was hooked. The images are much easier to crop because of the increased number of megapixels, but they are also better quality, especially at higher ISO settings. On the 30D, I dared not go above ISO 800 because of the noise. But this camera has practically no noise at ISO 800 and even ISO 1600.

The “kicker” for me was the LCD screen with Live View for taking tack-sharp macro photos. Read more about Canon Rebel T3i macro photography here.

Feel free to browse the pages of Canon Rebel T3i/600D. The intent is to give you enough encouragement to purchase a T3i, or, if you already own one, to learn about how to use it up to its potential as the awesome photography tool that it is.

The picture on the right is me with my T3i taking a picture of myself in a mirror.

Happy Shooting!