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Happy Rebel T3i OwnerWhat’s the secret?

The Canon Rebel T3i is just one excellent tool for beginning photographers.

The Canon Rebel entry-level digital SLR is a fantastic camera as a starter DSLR. The purpose of this Canon Rebel T3i Review is to point out the benefits of the Canon Rebel T3i (aka Canon Rebel 600D).

Canon has combined some of the most useful features of its mid-range DSLR, the 60D, into the smaller body of the entry-level Rebel to end up with a great, cheap digital SLR camera, the 600D (T3i). Articulating LCD, wireless flash capability, and in-camera image rating are super features that either boost the creative possibilities for your photography or allow the user to better utilize his or her time with the camera. There are also lots of ways the Canon Rebel T3i helps new users and those with less experience using a DSLR to grow intuitively and bet the most out of their new camera.

As a full-featured digital SLR, the Rebel T3i has many of the capabilities of a more expensive and complex camera. It replaced the Canon Rebel T2i/550D.

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Why Buy A Canon Rebel T3i?

butterflyweed taken with Canon Rebel T3i

The T3i is an excellent camera for those who are just starting out with a digital SLR as you will see below. And, while there may not be enough in the Rebel EOS T3i to tempt T2i owners to upgrade, those of you with older model Rebels or even older Canon X0D bodies, such as the 20D, should give this little entry-level DSLR some serious thought.

Even in light of (or perhaps because of) the newer Canon Rebel T4i, this Rebel SLR is a solid choice. It has superior features and capabilities, plus you have the “ease of use” factor with the new LCD configuration that gives you hints about what each setting is used for when you select it.

The T3i/600D carries some of the same technology of its predecessor, including an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 4 processor. This guarantees images with exceptional clarity and color. This is true simply because that is already the case with its older sibling.

However, the Canon Corp has added some interesting enhancements that will make using the newest Rebel seem very intuitive to those who are new to digital SLR photography.

The Canon T3i is considered an entry-level digital SLR camera. It is one of the series of sub-$1000 cameras in the Rebel line that began with the original Rebel 300D. But Rebels don’t look or act anything like that original camera.

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Now, the design and features have advanced light years, and, with the most recent release, they will most likely suit those who are familiar with some of the more advanced point and shoot cameras. Engineering has improved the point and shoot models as well as adding features that are common to those models to the entry-level model.

Canon Rebel T3i Photos
(Click on the image to see the full-sized view)
Climatis taken with Canon Rebel T3i Male Cardinal taken with Canon Rebel T3i Colby - Canon Rebel T3i with kit lens
Clematis Flowers
Taken with Tamron 28-75mm lens
Male Cardinal
Sigma 18-250mm Lens
Curious Colby at the gate
Taken with Rebel kit lens

The Unboxing Of A New Canon Rebel T3i/600D

Why Upgrade To A Canon Rebel T3i From A Point and Shoot Model

Specifications at a Glance
Pixel Count 18.00 Megapixels
Max Image Size 5184 x 3456 pixels
Sensor Size APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Sensor Type CMOS
Processor DIGIC 4
Viewfinder Optical/LCD
LCD 3.0″ swivel screen
ISO 100-12800
Shutter Speed 30 sec-1/4000 sec
Continuous Shooting Speed 3.7 fps
Lens Mount Canon EF/EF-S
Video Format H.264
Video Size 1920 x 1080 (30, 25,24 fps)
1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps)
640 x 480 (60, 50 fps)
Audio Stereo
Battery Lithium Ion
Dimensions 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1 in.
Weight 20.1 oz (570 g)
Battery Lithium Ion
Dimensions 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1 in.
Weight 20.1 oz (570 g)
Price (MSRP) $899(with kit lens)

There are several really good reasons to buy a Canon Rebel T3i after owning a point and shoot camera.

The first reason to upgrade is image quality. The size of the image sensor in a point and shoot camera is quite small compared to the APS-C sensor of the Canon Rebel. Even though the pixel count may be close, the size of the sensor has everything to do with the quality of the final image. Digital SLR images are far superior to point and shoot images.

The second reason to upgrade is the ability to change lenses. The lens is as important as the camera when it comes to image quality. There are some great lenses on point and shoot cameras, but those lenses, no matter how good they are, can not do the job of every lens available to the Canon Rebel T3i.

63-focal zones and 9 AF-points

63 focus zones and 9 AF points make it possible to get better balance of light in your images.

A third reason for upgrading is the amazing focus system in this Canon EOS Rebel T3i. There are 63 focal zones and 9 individual auto-focus points with the ability to give much better light and color in your images. This Rebel handles extreme lighting situations in such a way as to give better balance to your images in these situations.

In fact, every EF and EF-S lens made for Canon will work on your new Canon Rebel T3i/600D.

Aside from these  reasons, there are some other compelling arguments for getting this new digital SLR from Canon.

The T3i is the first Rebel to have a vari-angle LCD screen. This is a flip-out screen that makes it possible to take photos from difficult angles, even positions where you cannot visibly see your subject, such as over the neighbor’s hedge. Plus, now you can take some self-portraits that were not possible before because you can rotate the LCD screen 180° to see your beautiful mug before pressing the shutter button.

Canon Rebel T3i/600D Review Reveals Creativity In The New Model

One way to get creative with the Rebel T3i is by using Basic+. Basic+ provides settings whereby you can shoot by ambience or by lighting effect. When ambience is chosen, the camera makes adjustments to settings like sharpness, contrast, and saturation to give a more ambient effect. The strength of the effect can be dialed up or down to your own taste.
By choosing the Basic+ setting of Lighting, you essential manipulate the white balance within the camera, giving a very creative look.

Another creative addition to the Canon T3i is Creative Filters. These are filters that can be applied to your image AFTER the shot is taken, making your photography experience more fun and, obviously, creative. Creative Filters include:

  • Soft focus – a dreamy effect that would work well with things like people in a romantic setting.
  • Miniature – this setting gives the subjects of your photo a doll-house appearance by changing the perspective and proportion of the subjects.
  • Grainy Black and White – the effect is very trendy right now, adding drama, grit, and hard edges to the subjects
  • Toy Camera – this effect makes the image look like it was taken with a vintage child’s camera. It is quite popular with professional photographers.
  • Fish Eye – as the name implies, the fish eye effect distorts the subject with a kind of convex lens appearance without the use of any special, expensive lenses.

Video Enhancements

The Canon Rebel T3i has similar capabilities in video as the T2i and the 60D as far as video size, which can be as large as Full HD (1920 x1080), but you also have the option of Movie Digital Zoom, which magnifies the center of the image by a factor of 3-10x, but it still keeps the Full HD quality.

Then there is the Video Snapshot feature. With this feature, you can take a series of very short video clips of 2, 4, or 8 seconds which will be combined in the camera into a single video file. It could be a kind of “highlights” video. You can then view this video on a HDTV right out of the camera.

The variety of lenses available for use on your Rebel T3i make the video output very flexible. If you use a high magnification zoom lens you can film subjects from far away, while on the other hand, you can use a wide angle, wide aperture lens to get a very shallow depth of field video. You are only limited by your imagination and your access to the lenses.

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Bottom Line

As you can see from this Canon Rebel T3i/600D Review, the it is a very versatile piece of photographic equipment, even though it has been replaced by the Canon T5i. It will still provide the average user with images far superior to those previously possible with a point and shoot camera.